Du kannst mich am Bauch riechen!

- for the time I spent working with the Kiddos
  and everything I learned from them -

Kids are kids are kids. Nothing more and nothing less.

Kids are kids.
If you ask me, they should have fun and enjoy life. They should go outside and breath the air as pure as it comes. The whole day, everyday.
They should fall, cry, stand up, ask questions, smile, cry some more and fall again. They should learn from experiences and take advantage of any bit of curiosity they got.

But not everyone gets to be that lucky.

Not all children get to be so happy and free. And it’s never their fault.
Some don’t get to play and enjoy life, or even get to be outside. Sometimes they need to be separated from their families and end up been send around to random places.
They get lost. With them also goes their selfesteem and their childhood. They develop attachment issues, their personal growth gets disrupted and they loose all trust in anyone and anything.
And it’s never their fault.

This project was made with and for the children of the youth shelter I used to work at.
It was just an excuse to make them play around. To develop selfesteem. To make them feel happy.
An excuse to be kids. Again.

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