- some random pictures from places I found on the road, which I am trying to sell in order to keep finding random places on the road to take pictures of -

I spent most of this year travelling around Europe looking for places surrounded by nature, so I can forget about society, my own struggles and find some kind of peace amids this crazy thing people call existence.
Sometimes I took some pictures, sometimes I wrote some things. Sometimes I walked. Sometimes I swam.

I am offering these pictures, which are a reminiscence of my time on the road, so you can maybe find peace or just a ridiculous excuse to get outside and breathe.
(And yes, this is my ridiculous excuse to earn some money, so I can also keep on breathing.)

The only bad news, is that sadly I am only going to be able to ship to Europe.

There are two formats and two prices.
Either 60x40cm for 90 Euros or 20x30cm for 50 Euros.
I will be collecting all orders until the beginning of December, then I'll print them all and send them to each and every one of you.
(Almost like Santa and the Christmas Presents.)

Most of the pictures show landscapes from Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands. If you want to know exactly, where the pictures were taken, don't mind asking.
You can also purchase any of the pictures of my other projects in any of both sizes aswell.
If you are interested, have a look and let me know.

The 60x40cm:

And the 20x30cm:

All rights reserved. All Images © Carlos Bafile